As football support is tribal in nature there is less fear of losing customers to competitors. Despite this, club revenue is dependent on a high level of traffic and excellent conversion, with obvious attention given to the increasing proportion of mobile sales.

My Role

Working with a full project team I was initially involved in a customer research phase, interviewing customers across the world and exploring how and where fans preferred to purchase club merchandise. 

I worked closely with a digital strategist to benchmark Liverpool against other major clubs in terms of online merchandising resulting in a digital strategy to move forward with the redesign. 

During the UX design phase my main focus was on the checkout phase for desktop and mobile devices.


Personalisation of club kit is of particular importance to football fans and was highlighted as a key area of difficulty with the existing website. So much so that customers would look at alternative purchase routes with a stronger user experience.

Differing needs of fans based in the UK and abroad were also prevalent during research.

The Approach


User research was carried out with focus groups within Liverpool and telephone interviews for a cross section of customers and potential customers across the World. 

I developed personas and a customer journey map to illustrate key touchpoints with particular focus on driving customers to the website and aftersales. 

UX Design

User testing was imperative with customers home and abroad to consider differences in purchase behaviours and ensuring a personalised service.  To allow for quick iteration I worked with the team to brainstorm through paper prototypes before presenting and testing wireframe prototypes. 



This was the first phase of a long term relationship with a focus on conversion optimisation through A/B testing and adding further personalisation features. Early results were extremely encouraging. 

Increase Checkout Conversion

20+% increase in conversions once activating the checkout process

Increased Membership Sales

Increase in upsell of membership packages through the checkout process