MyPolicy is an innovative insurance company aimed at younger drivers. It differentiates through measuring of driving characteristics through the use of an onboard device. Despite this competitive advantage the application process remains unavoidably long, presenting the challenge of increasing conversion through a streamlined process and clearly indicating the unique value proposition.

My Role

I worked as lead UX Designer coming onboard after initial research and usability testing, working closely with a project manager and visual designer.

The Approach

I initially worked with the team to define all information that was required and create an information architecture that grouped sections in a logical manner, based on competitor analysis and card sorting research.

I produced wireframes and crucially was able to build these into a clickable prototype that replicated the finished system across all interactions, allowing extensive testing and iteration toward the final design.

Key features included:

Using Progressive Disclosure

Progressive disclosure is a technique used to focus the customer’s attention, reducing clutter and cognitive workload. In the case of the MyPolicy application process this meant hiding sections of long forms that might not be applicable to the customer until they have indicated they in fact are. By using an automatic scroll when a selection is made the screen area always displays only one section at a time, reducing clutter and friction. If mistakes are made the customer is able to manually scroll back up the page and make a change.

Quick Quote Option

Experience of using insurance quote websites tells us there will be a lot of forms to fill in before the payoff. An obvious barrier to conversion. To give a ballpark figure without completing a full quote a “Quick Quote” option was developed, taking basic details in just a few fields and providing an annual and monthly estimation providing the customer knows the registration of the vehicle. They then had the option to continue with the full quote of interested.


The newly designed website was released in early 2018 after successful customer testing. As A/B testing continues to further enhance the first release I hope to be involved further.