Venzee is an innovative Canadian startup determined to eliminate tedious and restrictive spreadsheets from the process of transferring products from vendors to their various selling platforms. Every retail platform (think Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce) has different requirements in structure and requires products to be uploaded in a different way. Venzee aims to automate this process.

My Role

I joined Venzee in it’s infancy as Head of User Experience, working with a team of designers, develops and full scrum team. Responsibilities included customer research, maintaining a vision for the customer journey and ideas generation followed by testing during each sprint.  

The Approach

In order to keep ahead of the sprint cycle and influence the future roadmap I held regular sessions with new and existing customers firstly to understand their process and establish any areas Venzee could improve to meet their changing requirements and secondly to present and test new features.

Findings were presented internally and used to update living customer journey maps and personas.

During the sprint I engaged in rapid prototyping working closely with UI designers and the product manager to find usable and efficient solutions for upcoming features. These would be guerrilla tested internally and with customers.

Key achievements during the growth of the product include:

  • Streamlined onboarding process
  • Personalised experience based on customer type
  • Redesign of information architecture to make key features more accessible


I worked with Venzee through continued growth, from infancy through Series A investment and to the point of launch on the Toronto Stock Exchange.